Put In
The Work


Our mission is simple. At Florisj we aim to improve your business. Whether you need to grow, have to restructure or want a second opinion on what opportunities you might have, we are here. Florisj will provide valuable insight into an ever-changing business environment.

We are hands on, we have the skills to make it happen. Florisj has worked with various startups and investors in the US and Europe, supporting them in their strategy, day-to-day operations as well as providing investors with information and analysis about industries in which they consider investing.


About the founder

I am Jeroen Roffel and I founded Florisj to help companies flourish (“Florisj”) and live up to their full potential. Through analysis, coaching and sheer hard work I believe Florisj can provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to succeed.

From experiences ranging from Private Equity to venture building in various startups, such as HelloFresh and Mercato, I have grown to love executing strategies for new products or business ideas. It gives me energy. What really makes me excited is to soon be working with you, so feel free to reach out via contact details below.

Jeroen Roffel


Phone:+31 6 42787323
+1 (917) 391-3963
Email: jeroen@florisj.com

Address: Emmasingel 51
9726 AJ Groningen, Netherlands