Social media is making me unhappy…

With the rise in social media there seems to be a tendency to more and more compare ourselves to others. Where did they go on vacation? What kind of clothes are they wearing? Which job do they have and how fast is their career progressing….? Thinking of social media, one usually thinks of Instagram and… Read more »

Business models for apps

Always a tough problem to figure out; a business model for an app. The eternal struggle at the start while building your user base: when to start charging…. and how? These double priorities of a growing user base and proving you can monetize your work can tear a founder apart, building engagement and growth vs…. Read more »

Don’t take on work of others

Where many companies waste time and resources is trying to fit in people that are not fit for the tasks at hand.   Companies change, tasks change, strategies change, everything evolves. What I have seen a lot is managers trying to fit in employees that do not have the right skillset, attitude, mindset or dedication… Read more »

The importance of double occupancy

This might seem like common sense, but somehow it is not for most startups:   Make sure to have double occupancy in your team for every task or operation you perform.   So what does this mean? It’s very simple in its essence. There should be no task or operation being performed in your company… Read more »

Sell your company!

No, I am not telling you to sell your company, but then really, I am. What I am getting at is the hiring process. As a startup you have to sell yourself as much as the candidate is selling him or herself.   Hiring at a startup is tough, it’s fucking hard! One does not… Read more »

Strategic versus Cash Investments

Talking to investors is always interesting. It’s like a game of chess, a very complicated game of chess. One has to think 10 moves ahead while keeping focus on actually building the business one is seeking investment for. On the one hand a startup needs money, it wants that financial security of having it in… Read more »

Please think before you build

I met with many startups, mainly early stage in the pre-seed phase, over the past weeks, mainly at the Rockstart Accelerator in Amsterdam. So many motivated founders and inspiring people! The stories they tell, the vision they have, the drive and energy to go build it truly energize me.   The one thing that bothers… Read more »

Take the meeting

When do you take a meeting? When don’t you?   It’s something I had trouble figuring out over the past few weeks. There are so many opportunities to meet or have calls with other young, growing, companies that want to “partner” together, just exchange ideas or sell something to you. Some of these calls provide… Read more »

Build businesses and focus on gross profits early on

I skipped writing a blog last week. As previously written; it is important to be unproductive at times. But I’m back with a lot of thoughts.   The last few weeks my thoughts have turned a lot around gross profit, or operational net income, especially when to focus on it and when to leave it… Read more »

Manage your startup with numbers early on

Manage your startup with numbers early on  Over the past 4 months I have increasingly pushed my team at Mercato to manage based on numbers. Progress has been made and great results in both operational processes and goals were realized. I don’t aim to say numbers are everything but they add value and should always… Read more »